In this blog I would like to write in detail how you can best prepare for a photo shoot of your home. If you follow these tips, you’re guaranteed to get the best results.


Take these tips into account in every room of the house, so that the rooms in the photos will be displayed the best. The better the house is prepared for my arrival, the more pleasant and smooth it will be. I’ve been asked to take pictures of the house, it’s not my job to clean up before taking pictures. A house that is not properly cleaned up will be displayed less beautifully than if it is neatly arranged. It’s not possible to “clean up” a messy room in photoshop!


The first impression a person gets of a space is when you stand in the doorway. Keep this in mind when placing the furniture. You want to create a good impression when people walk into the room. They are also more likely to take in the room better from the doorway.

As a photographer, I will take pictures from the doorway, and I will make use of natural light. So keep in mind that furniture is placed in such a way that the windows and doors are free. It is very important that I can capture the windows well in the photos, because people want to know where and how the natural light enters rooms. If there are special features in the room, such as decorative pillars etc, I photograph in such a way that those features are clearly visible. So keep this in mind when setting the furniture properly.


Make sure every space is tidy, clean spaces are a lot more appealing. Clean up initially, and then go around again to calm down messy corners with too many accessories. The goal is to obtain a stylish room where a tenant/buyer can see themselves living.

Also, personal items such as photos, souvenirs etc make it more difficult for a potential tenant / buyer to imagine that they live there. So remove all possible distractions and make sure there is as little clutter as possible.


Try not only to tidy up all areas, but also to clean them thoroughly. All dirt, dust, fingerprints etc must be cleaned so that the rooms are spotless.


If you have pets, it’s best not to have them in the room while you’re shooting. Dogs should not run in the garden during a photo shoot, and pets that stay inside should not be visible in the rooms. Move them from room to room when shooting.


The exterior of a property is important to potential buyers/tenants. New residents want their new home to look good, both on the outside and inside. The exterior of a property is usually the first thing anyone sees when they see the listing, so it’s important that there’s a tidy and tidy look around the house. The front of the house is the most important for the first impression, but don’t neglect the backyard either. Because a beautiful, well-organized and tidy garden is of course also a selling feature!


Before I arrive, it’s good if as much light as possible can enter. So open all the curtains, blinds and turn on all the lights in your home. All floor lamps, decorative lamps and ceiling lamps can be switched on, as well as lights that are in furniture (such as display cabinets, bookcases, extractor hood). If any bulbs stop working, make sure to replace them with a bulb with the same wattage and light color as the other bulbs in the room to make the room as bright as possible.


Also, try to hide as much clutter as possible in the kitchen. The kitchen is often the place where everything is stacked, so make sure the worktops are as open and free as possible. Also try to put away small appliances such as a kettle, stack of papers and the dishes. Clean the sink and faucet.

If there are “child-proof” items visible from the outside of the cabinets, it is better to remove them for the photos. Remove any magnets from the refrigerator. Remove dish racks, cutting boards, tea towels, hand and detergent bottles, cleaning products, mops, brooms and trash cans. It’s always nice to brighten up the space with a small decoration like a nice bowl of fresh fruit or a vase of flowers.


In the living room, it is especially important to make sure that the furniture is placed in the right way. The purpose of the room should be to create a beautiful and comfortable space, it should be a place where the potential buyer/tenant can imagine spending time with his/her family. If you have a nice coffee table book, lay it out as décor on the table. Remove (cheap) magazines, as they often look messy. If there are bookshelves in the room, take out half of the books and arrange the remaining books in a nice pattern. Keep the beautiful, bound and colorful books on the shelf and remove the old, less well-kept books.

Small items are often left in the living room, as it is the space where the family often spends a lot of time. Collect the TV remotes, video game systems, DVDs, or other messy electronic items. Try to store electrical cords out of sight as much as possible. Clean up any toys left in the room by the children.


Make sure the dining table is scrubbed and the chairs are neatly arranged around the table. You may want to consider placing a nice centerpiece on the table, such as a bowl of fresh fruit or a flower arrangement. Don’t leave any leftover plates or bowls on the table, and make sure the leftovers from the previous meal have been cleaned up: wipe the table, sweep the floor, and mop the floor to remove any stains.


It can be tempting to stuff everything under the bed to hide the clutter, but unfortunately that often remains visible in real estate photos. Instead of hiding clothes and toys under the bed, it is better to remove these items from the room so that the space is as open as possible. In teenagers’ rooms, there are sometimes unique or customary decorations that match the child’s personality. Those décor items may need to be removed to make the space appear more generic and neutral, rather than trendy or hip. Remember, you want the buyer/tenant to imagine themselves in the room. Unusual themes in the bedrooms can be somewhat distracting. Look at photos in magazines to see how the beds are made and adjust the bedding. The bed should look nice and inviting. Use a nice bedspread and large, fluffy pillows neatly arranged at the head of the bed. Remove everything on the bedside table (except nightlights). Common things that need to be moved include: phone chargers, tissue boxes, lip balm, a glass of water, alarm, jewelry, or anything else that will be kept at your bedside.


In the bathroom, everything should be removed from the countertop, including makeup, razors, soaps, toothbrushes, and other beauty products. Remove the shampoo, soap, washcloths, and baby toys in the shower and tub. The trash cans, bath mats, laundry baskets, extra toilet paper, the toilet brush, and scales should also be removed from the room. Finish it off by closing the toilet and hang clean towels on the towel rails.

Remember that good preparation ensures optimal results. Do you have any questions? Feel free to let me know!


Joke Van Eeghem