Looking for professional real estate photography? I understand better than anyone the essential role that beautiful images play in the successful sale or rental of real estate. With my years of experience and collaborations with various real estate agents, holiday rental companies, Airbnb and (interior) architects, I am passionate about getting the best view of your real estate.

Why is real estate photography so important? Simply because images make an indispensable first impression and influence the decisions of potential buyers or tenants. My professional photography captures not only the spaces, but also the unique atmosphere and characteristic details of the property. Through careful use of lighting, composition and attention to detail, I bring the property to life and potential clients can easily imagine what it would be like to live or work there.

I go beyond just standard photography. I also offer 360-degree photography and virtual tours , giving potential buyers an immersive and interactive experience. They can virtually walk around the property and explore all the angles and details. This creates a strong emotional connection and increases engagement with the property.

I understand the value of excellent real estate imagery and its impact on the success of your real estate transactions. Let me help you to capture the unique characteristics and character of your real estate properties in a friendly and professional way. Contact me today

and find out how I can take your real estate presentation to the next level!

I am very happy that I have engaged the services of Pure Living Photography for photographing my home. The pictures she took are really beautiful! She knew how to portray the strengths of my house perfectly and really has an eye for detail. The compositions have shown my home at its best. I truly believe that the quality of the photos helped to sell my property quickly. I highly recommend Joke from Pure Living Photography!

A. De Smet,

I have been working with Pure Living Photography for quite some time now and I can say with full conviction that she is a true professional. Her knowledge and expertise in the field of real estate photography are second to none. She understands exactly how important it is to highlight the strengths of a home and create atmosphere. Her photos have definitely helped to speed up the sales processes and pique the interest of potential buyers. I appreciate her reliability, punctuality and flexibility. It is a pleasure to work with Joke and I wholeheartedly recommend her services!

J. Leclercq,

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Joke, a great real estate photographer. She captured my home in a way I never thought possible. Not only are her photos technically perfect, but they have also managed to capture the warmth, the charm and the unique features of my home. I was amazed at how she managed to accentuate every detail and bring the spaces to life with her compositions.

In addition to her exceptional talent as a photographer, she was also a pleasure to work with. She was patient, attentive and listened to my ideas and wishes. She took the time to understand the house and made me feel comfortable during the photo shoot.

Thanks to her beautiful photos, we have received a lot of interest and positive reactions from potential buyers. It definitely helped with the sale of my house. I can’t recommend this real estate photographer enough to anyone looking for extraordinary photography that captures the true essence of a property. Thank you for creating lasting memories with your fantastic work!

M. Pots,

Recent Work

Real Estate Photography & Virtual Tours


Professional Real Estate Photography

Your satisfaction is central to every photo shoot. I take into account your wishes and the purpose of the photo shoot. During the extensive photo shoot, I capture each room from various angles with a widescreen lens. Authentic and unique elements are photographed with a 50mm lens, capturing the atmosphere beautifully. After the photo shoot, the images are carefully post-processed to create a perfect and accurate image. You will receive all photos in the price (no minimum or maximum number).

360 degree photography & Virtual tours

With the help of 360 degree photos, taken in all indoor and outdoor areas of the house, I create fascinating virtual tours. These virtual tours are uploaded to a URL and can be hosted by me or by you free of charge, depending on your preference. Through the URL, potential buyers can explore the virtual tour in various ways.

Thanks to the virtual tour, buyers get a clear picture of the spatial layout, the size of the rooms and the overall condition of the home. A streetscape is also recorded, so that buyers can see where the house is located in relation to the street. From their own comfortable environment, interested buyers can virtually walk through the properties on offer and thus get a realistic experience. This is also an ideal way to distinguish serious buyers from less interested buyers.

Would you like a sneak peek? Feel free to take a look at the properties below and experience the quality and added value of my real estate photography for yourself.



Every house is unique, which is why I use prices that are tailored to the size of the house, calculated on the living area (excluding garden/terrace). This allows me to offer a fair price and tailor my services to your specific needs.

Regardless of the size of your home, you can count on high-quality real estate photography that perfectly captures the unique features of your property. Every detail is carefully recorded, giving potential buyers or tenants a realistic impression of the spaces.


Properties smaller than 100m2

Let me professionally capture every detail of your small home, whether it’s a cozy apartment, cozy studio or compact home.

  • €152.89 excl. Vat

  • € 180,- incl. Vat

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Properties between 100m2 – 200m2

Let me professionally capture every detail of your medium-sized home, whether it’s a spacious apartment, attractive villa or family home.

  • €206.61 excl. Vat

  • € 250,- incl. Vat

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Properties larger than 200m2

Let me professionally capture every detail of your spacious home, whether it’s a luxury penthouse, stately mansion or spacious villa.

  • €289.26 excl. Vat

  • € 350,- incl. Vat

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360 degree & virtual tours

Only possible in combination with a photo report. If you are interested in a 360 degree & virtual tour, please indicate this in the questionnaire when booking, so that I can plan enough time for this.

  • Cost per 360 degree photo (average 1 photo per room): € 25
  • One-time start-up fee per virtual tour: €50
  • Ask for the special rate in combination with real estate photography


  • During the photo shoot is extensively photographed.
    Each room is viewed from different angles with
    a widescreen lens photographed. Authentic and unique elements are photographed with a 50mm lens, to give the atmosphere extra good. The photos are then reworked to create as good and correct an image as possible. All photos are included in the price (there is no minimum or maximum number).
  • The photos will be delivered within 3 business days, unless otherwise agreed.
  • The virtual tour will be delivered within 5 business days, unless otherwise agreed.
  • Rates are listed excl. Vat
  • Rates are listed excl. travel expenses (0.75 euros / km).
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Photo shoots only by appointment at a location of your choice (in Belgium) or in my studio (in Vilvoorde).